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What People Are Saying:

“I was connected to Donnie through one of his clients, who I think highly of. I was tired of running on the same hamster wheel, and felt like I could do better than the standard issue that comes from other coaching programs (and I have been in them all). I was able to create a process and work-flow that grew my business AND my team--by unleashing more...MYSELF. If you want to be a copy of everybody else, check out another program. If you want to unleash the power of yourself-Donnie is your guy!”

Brannon Pesnell

“When I first started working with Donnie, I wanted to get better at my time management. I was giving too much to my team, and had lost focus on my own production. He really helped me drill into what I do best and do more of that. Time management became secondary-and it became easy. He also helped me to do more by doing less. Together, we created my business growth strategy (I call it Share The Love) that let me focus on the exact clients and types of clients that I want to work with. I am having so much fun-with my team and my clients. I doubled my production, while having more fun! I am the ultimate version of myself, and it feels great!”

Timmy Ostrom

“Donnie is one of the few people that you will find in life that gives more than he takes. I love that he is able to factor God into my productivity equation, along with my personal assets, gifts, and talents. ”

Miles Veth

“I have been in other coaching programs before-and they are great. For me, as a business owner and producer in commercial real estate, I was getting tired of the “dial till you drop” instruction that never changed. I knew there was something more. Since working with Donnie, I have been through several transitions in business, and I am making more annually now than ever before-unheard of! The best thing is that I am crossing things off of my vision board. I am living my most productive life, AND I am living intentionally! I CRUSH my time, prospecting is fun, and I have found a place in the market that makes me UNCOPYABLE. I am so thankful for this connection in my life.”

Justin Langlois

“I have always been a top tier financial advisor, but I wasn’t really consistent in my outreach for new clients. Donnie helped me to connect my persona with my process. Now, I have a plan, and it feels easy to execute. Now I spend more of my time with the clients that are the most rewarding to me.”

Jeremy Perque

“I was all in with Donnie from Day 1, since other people I respected had gotten great results. In the past, I would have been sceptical about working with someone who had never sold my products, but I would have been wrong. Since working with Purpose Driven Executive, I have had record numbers in earnings and deposits. I am selling AND leading like never before! I am “Domonique 2.0” . I am a better leader, a better communicator, and the quality (and quantity) of the people I am recruiting is unbelievable! I love my life!”

Dom Rodgers

“In my world, there was no defined path to success. Success meant getting people to donate sizeable sums of money to a cause that matters. Donnie helped me to double the major gifts within 1 year of working together. After I was promoted to lead a team, Donnie helped me to create a structure that helped others find success for our shared mission as well.”

Matt Vettel

“I worked with Donnie as a producer and a recruiter. I have forked out multiple 6-figures on coaching, and seminars, so I am a junkie for self improvement. My experience with Donnie and Purpose Driven Executive puts him at the top of the group. I was able to take action that was custom fit for ME. It’s easy to act when the plan is designed with your skillset and desires in mind. That’s what I did. No more sitting in front of a mirror for 2 hours to pump myself with positive self-talk. Now I LOVE what I do and who I do it for. I owe a part of that to Donnie!”

Jim Stryker